The Difference Between Men And Women

There is a wide-spread metaphor that a man and a woman are the creatures from the two different planets. They differ so much that an interpreter is needed in order to maintain the full mutual understanding. But that is an ironic exaggeration of course. Men and women are human beings first of all and they are able to reach the mutual understanding.

But no one would dare to argue with the fact that the way of thinking typical of men doesn’t have much in common with the one typical for women. Some of the peculiarities of feminine and masculine natural way of thinking are necessary to be taken into account in order to avoid numerous recurring conflicts.

  • He first and probably the main difference between the masculine and feminine psychology concerns the being aware of the stamina limits. The matter is that men know for sure if they are able to endure the strain or not. Women tend to start the new activity without the idea if they have enough powers to fulfill the task properly. If a woman starts to renovate her flat on her own it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is capable to finish it. She simply can’t understand if carrying out this task is possible for her. She will realize it later when it will be late to draw back. That’s when the tears and making the heroic deeds will take place. The women need to be calmed down and mildly put off from the hard activities. And the words “That’s heavy” or “You can’t do that” sound humiliating for men. If your husband aims to do something be sure that he is capable of it.
  • Men knows when it’s time for a break. Women commonly don’t feel tired until they fall off their feet with fatigue. If a wife constantly says to her healthy husband that he heeds to have a rest it will cause only the predictable irritation. He won’t miss a moment to take a nap. Praise and appreciating of his work are the things he really needs to hear. But a woman requires some restrictions in fulfilling the hard physical work such as cleaning up or gardening. She will realize how tired she is only when she has no more powers to cook supper or reading a fairy tale to the children before they fall asleep.
  • Women are able to bear persistent durable pains while men better resist the sudden sharp one. Women are often supposed to be tenderfoots as they can call out experiencing the slightest sudden pain.

They can’t sometimes help crying having scratched their hand or cut their finger. But a few men know that almost every woman silently and stoically endures the fever, backache and headaches without anyone noticing that she is a bit under the weather. Men can bear the serious traumas without making a single sound but keep the bed when they run the slightest ever.

The women should understand their husbands in that situation. The ailment that seems to be of no importance for a woman may seem to be a severe one for a man.

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